Every bride’s dream

Sunday 7th April, 2013

It's hard to believe, but the young Queen Victoria flouted all established sartorial conventions when she wore white to marry Prince Albert in 1840. The result was the prototype "white wedding" as we know it today. But if Victoria invented it, the rise of Hollywood and the movies of the Thirties crystallised the concept. Film stars and royalty became bridal muses: on and off-screen weddings were followed avidly and copied by a star-struck audience.
The Thirties also saw the emergence of a remarkable new force in the world of flower decoration: Constance Spry. If anyone understood flowers for weddings, it was Constance. She thought bridal flowers should be like jewellery-light and beautiful- rather than the heavy mossed bouquets and bundles of vegetation that were then de rigueur. She developed the craft of wiring flowers
Choose a floral designer whose work you admire, discuss your ideas and trust them to make something wonderful. You are paying for their skills so there is no point micromanaging the process.
Every bride’s dream Every bride’s dream Every bride’s dream